Dylan is a heart transplant recipient who I've been training over the past several months. He was new to weight lifting and regular exercise before we began this project. Below are the videos we've made to document his progress which include sample workout programs I've prescribed for him along with tips for improving strength, lifting mechanics, weight loss and cardiovascular training. It is our hope that his journey can both inspire and motivate you, the viewer, along with help in improving your own health and overall well-being. Click on the icons to view.


       Week 1: Baseline                     Week 2: Maxing Out                Weeks 3-5: Legs/Cardio                Week 6: Abdominals

        Week 7: Biceps                     Week 8: Chest/Triceps                   Week 9: Deadlifting                   Week 10: Shoulders

   Weeks 11-12: Progress            First Bod Pod Recording                   Updated Weigh-In                  Hiking Mount Olympus

  Updated Bod Pod/Weight          Throwing The First Pitch                        Pitching 101                      Mount Olympus Part 2

  Hiking To Lake Blanche                  Flexibility Testing                        One Year Progress                        Snowshoeing

      End of Weight Loss
   Program: Final Results